Why Pain Points and Fears Are Vital to B2B Sales

Posted on August 28, 2013


One of the biggest challenges businesses face in the B2B world is convincing potential buyers that their product or service adds value.

In showing the value of your product or service, you are attempting to lessen the perceived risk for the buyer by demonstrating how what you offer benefits their business.

But before you can effectively demonstrate the value of your product or service, you need to be able to answer two questions about your target market:

  1. What are the pain points?
  2. What are their fears?

Knowing the pain points and fears of your customers is necessary to produce the most effective marketing material – content that both convinces (appeals to logic) and persuades (appeals to emotion).

Using Pain Points to Show Logic:

Bottom line, if your product or service doesn’t help solve a problem or address a need, you’ll be hard pressed to show how it adds value.

What problems are the businesses you cater to trying to overcome? What needs or wants aren’t being met?

In the B2B world, there are a multitude of pain points a product or service can address to provide added value to a business. For example, a business may be struggling with:

  • obtaining quality raw materials for manufacturing finished goods
  • improving efficiency and lean processes
  • increasing productivity of people or machinery
  • lowering costs and reducing waste
  • increasing sales and revenue
  • maintaining compliance with laws or regulations

Identify the main pain points of your target market; then show proof of how your product or service will help them overcome those issues.

How does what you offer meet their needs or wants?

Use calculations, statistics and case studies to demonstrate the benefits your product or service offers, and why investing in your businesses is a logical choice.

Using Fears to Persuade:

Emotional persuasion can be just as powerful as appealing to logic, if not more so.

Even if you can convince a business that your product or service adds value, you may still lose the sale if you fail to address their fears.

Here’s a great quote from Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Enquiro, that I found in a 2012 blog post by B2B Marketing Directions:

“B2B buying decisions are usually driven by one emotion – fear. Specifically, B2B buying is all about minimizing fear by eliminating risk.” ~ Gord Hotchkiss,  The Buyersphere Project

What fears do businesses in your target market have about investing in your product or service? What are their greatest perceived risks in buying from you, and how can you minimize them?

Think about the uncertainties a business may be struggling with in deciding whether or not to buy from you, and then address these fears in your marketing material.

For example, for products or services that require a larger investment, the possibility of not seeing a positive return on investment is a very real fear.

Do you have a return policy? Do you have great client testimonials on your website? Do you offer free product support?

Of course, the potential fears and opportunities for addressing them are going to vary based on your particular industry.

But the concept remains the same.

As a business in the B2B industry, we at Net Site Marketing decided to address the fears of our potential customers by creating a list of the most common reasons we hear for not investing in B2B Inbound Marketing or SEO services, and then putting together a special marketing piece in which we respond to each one of the reasons on our list.

Look for a copy of how we did this in the next blog post.