Why There’s No Good Excuse for Not Investing in Inbound Marketing

Posted on September 3, 2013


In my last post, I discussed the importance of understanding and addressing the fears of your target market in B2B content marketing. Today, we are going to take a look at one way to go about doing this by examining a content marketing piece created by our own internet marketing gurus here at Net Site Marketing.

Net Site Marketing specializes in inbound marketing services for B2B businesses.

[For those who don’t know, inbound marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of Internet marketing techniques, including search engine optimization (SEO).]

The Challenge:

We work in an industry that has no standardized definition, is often misunderstood, produces no physical product, and usually isn’t included in the initial budget.

So needless to say, we have a LOT of fears and objections to overcome!

So how do we do it? How do we show our target market that our service adds value and convince them to allocate some of their marketing budget to Internet marketing?

The Solution:

We start by outlining each of the reasons a business may have for believing they do not need, or will not benefit from, B2B Internet marketing.

Then we show them why the exact opposite is true.

Net Site Marketing addresses the following 7 objections to investing in inbound marketing in our Why There’s No Good Reason for No SEO article.

  1. Search Engine Optimization is too expensive.
  2. We know SEO is important, but we just don’t have the money right now.
  3. I am handling my SEO in-house.
  4. My web developer is taking care of this for me.
  5. I like my website the way it is.
  6. We don’t use our website to get leads or sales.
  7. I’m not sure I really have a need for SEO.

Want to know how we addressed each one of these?

Connect with me on Linkedin, and let me know you’d like a copy of Why There’s No Good Reason for No SEO. I’ll be happy to get one right over to you!

Written By: Michelle Thompson